Enhanced Attachment v4.0 Released!

****Disclaimer: The functionaly discussed in the following blog post covers features available in a paid app I published on the AppExchange.


I am happy to announce that version 4.0 of the Enhanced Attachment app has been release on Salesforce’s AppExchange. With this latest release comes features that Salesforce customers can leverage and improve their record attachment and note functionality.


Subcategory Support for Notes and Attachments

The app already provided the ability to assign categories to your attachments and notes. This update now allows assignment of an additional subcategory, enabling customers to have more depth and granularity when running reports.



Sub-categories can be added to the main category from the Attachment Categories tab.



Assigning categories to specific objects

Prior to version 4.0 all active categories were availble for selection across all objects. Categories can now only be made available to specific objects. This is easy as navigating to the Attachment Categoties tab and selecting the object you want to assign the value to or selecting none if you want it globally available.



Different category buckets for notes vs attachments

In addition to splitting categories among objects, notes and attachments now have their own separate buckets. Note specific categories can be created and vice versa. As with the other new features, the buckets can be accessed via the Attachment Categories tab.

Attachment category bucket for enhanced attachment appexchange app




This was definitely a category centered update with customer feedback implemented into the app. I hope to add more helpful features as the app continues to grow. Please stay tuned for more posts covering other functionality included in this new release of Enhanced Attachment. Salesforce customers who believe they can benefit from an app solution that can help categorize, version, report, and roll-up count attachment categories please reach out using this form.

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