Files or Attachment – It’s your choice with Enhanced Attachment

***Disclaimer: This blog article covers functionality from a paid app that was published on Salesforce’s AppExchange by Adviceforce, LLC.

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Love the simplicity of Notes and Attachments but need a little more functionality just to make it a tad more robust. Thinking about Salesforce Files, but are overwhelmed with its complexity?

Well, perhaps Enhanced Attachment could be the right record attachment solution for you. All files are uploaded to Salesforce natively and the app gives you a choice of either using the Attachment object or using SF Files as the underlying storage object.

Want the freedom of choosing Attachments or Files?

All record attachments are available for view and edit from the Enhanced Attachment related list which gives you the familiarity of standard Notes and Attachments (did I mention the app supports categorization of attachments and notes).


The attachment view page presents a simple view of a custom attachment name (in addition to the file name), a custom list of categories, and all previous versions of the attachment which is automatically stored as an Attachment Version when users update the Enhanced Attachment record.

Simple, yet informative

Unlike standard Notes and Attachments you can edit the same record and upload another version of the document so that you can track the changes from the same record.

No need to to create a new record each time you need to upload a new version

For more information check out or listing on the AppExchange or click on the below links to view demos of different features of the app.

Drop me a line in comments or contact us via if you have any questions.

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