Terence Chiu, Certified Salesforce Professional

Hello! I am 2X certified Salesforce professional with 10+ years overall IT experience and over 6 years of experience on the Salesforce platform. During those 6+ years I have performed the roles of administrator, developer, manager, and technical architect. I also founded Adviceforce, LLC, where we build apps for the AppExchange. The first app published on the AppExchange is called Enhanced Attachment, a custom solution to provide Salesforce customers a way to categorize, version, report (with standard reporting), roll-up, and encrypt attachments to Salesforce records.

I have also recently published an Android app called Big Apple Tots. It is a free, simple app where parents, guardians or caregivers of kids in New York City can use to search of cool events to attend with their little ones.

Welcome to my blog where I mostly write about topics on Salesforce, other tech subjects that I find interesting, and occasionally the products that I build for Adviceforce. My goal is to post monthly articles on topics that interest me but would appreciate any feedback on what you the audience might want to read about. So if you have anything in mind or just have general feedback contact me on twitter, linkedin, the Trailblazer community, or leave a comment on any current post on my blog!